The following are resources that I personally use and recommend.



I use this web hosting service for my websites and recommend it to my clients and friends. They’re reasonably priced with a selection of pricing options, have great customer service whenever I’ve called, and provide great entry level pricing if you’re just getting a website off the ground. A great feature is that they make it incredibly easy to install and use WordPress. I use WordPress often because it is convenient for my clients to learn and use, and Bluehost makes this even easier, if possible.

The above is an affiliate link. This in no way affects my recommendation: I would not be an affiliate for Bluehost if I didn’t love their service. If you do choose to go with Bluehost, I’d greatly appreciate it if you used my link. Thank you for your support!

This is how I learned a number of the design programs that I use (Adobe Creative suite, for starters) and is a great resource for those who are looking to learn a software program or skills quickly. They have a huge selection of online training courses (with certificates of completion) in the form of videos, and they also have supporting material so that you can work along with the video. When I started using Lynda, the basic subscription was $25 per month, but it has now dropped to about $20 per month, which allows you to watch as many videos as you’d like from their over 4,500 course options.